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Each room permits public and private text-based chatting, plus the ability to ignore a user, and modify fonts.

Parachat lacks many educationally useful features found in the other two products (e.g., start-up options; status indicators; user profiles; the option to accept/ ignore messages from users not on the user’s contact list; and the monitoring of other chat rooms).

The first level of commercial upgrade, Para Chat AC ( US per month), provides increased administrative and security features including Web tours (i.e., shared browsing), password protection, and the option to expel participants.

The three products were each tested in repeated communications between two or more participants, running continuously on their computers for a period of five days.

Parachat operates through a Web page, and one was designed specifically for this test, linking to a dedicated room on the product’s public server.

The added audio and video features of Yahoo Messenger were not examined, and their availability was not allowed to influence the team’s overall ratings of the three products’ general IM capabilities.

1) AT&T Anywhere (version is an efficient synchronous text-based product.

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