Xbox 360 not updating games

If it is then I guess they won't be able to watch anything on it as the only way to get those files is through downloading them from the 360.

EDIT: Also the 360 only supports certain video files, even with the media update.

After a couple minutes your system will start and you should be able to play discs again.

If that didn’t work try deleting any NETFLIX data on your drive and also look for deletion suggestions by hitting “X” when browsing the hard drive (you will see the selection at the bottom of the screen).

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If the dash update doesn't work then is it really that hard to just unplug all the cables from their 360 and bring it to your place?The optional media update is here and is less than a MB.It can also only be downloaded through a 360 (can't put it on a USB stick like the dash update).Will be nice to get this working I forgot how easy things are for me because it's all up to date the day the patches come out Now that you mention it you might be right.I suggest when you are connected to live try to play an or .mp4 file. I did it this way years ago and had no problem playing or .mp4 files. Not sure of the file size, but it will be you do not have internet , access you can not download the update , -to download you need internet access , microsoft may have a disc they can send to you so you can update im not sure , you either can take the console to house w internet or get a thumb drive big enough --and download it from microsoft if its there ,, and put it into your 360Just thought I would update this and let you know how I went.

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