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I received a statement of account from Penncro Associates regarding our Bank of America credit card. We have been unable to make a payment on our account since September (prior to then we had never been late on a payment ever in the 15 years I had had the card and with them raising the interest rates so high I exhausted our savings account trying to keep up with the credit card payments).

Anyway, the statement states that my account has been referred to them for collection but any payment should be sent to FIA Card Services which is BOA.

However, you can dispute any errors and get them corrected. Continue Reading » [Y]ou have a hard time keeping track of the bills you have to pay.

With multiple credit cards and more than one loan, it’s a wonder you keep it all straight.

However, these benefits only work as long as your store is open. Continue Reading » [B]usiness credit cards are a great option for people who own a small business.

It allows them to use credit to pay for purchases or expenses when they have limited or delayed cash flow.

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If you haven’t given it much thought before, you need to become aware of it now. Continue Reading » [I]f you have poor credit, you probably know it will impact your ability to get a credit card or loan.

How could this happen to someone with excellent credit? Continue Reading » If you’re like most people, you get into trouble with your credit because you don’t have enough money to pay the bills on time.

You may live too close to the max of your budget or have too many unexpected expenses come up.

Here are some ways to make sure your credit is ready...

Continue Reading » [R]etailers look at the holiday season as their time to make money and make up for any struggles from the rest of the year.

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