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I think we might have gone too far.” Will says it's 'natural' for both people in a marriage to be attracted to others and the pair have long been rumoured to enjoy an open marriage, sleeping with other people as they choose Back in 2005 Will, who is now 47, raised eyebrows when he revealed: “Our perspective is that you don’t avoid what’s natural. In our marriage vows, we didn’t say 'forsaking all others.' “The vow that we made was that you will never hear that I did something after the fact.If it came down to it, then one can say to the other, ‘Look, I need to have sex with somebody.But yesterday, ahead of the Hollywood power couple’s 20th wedding anniversary next year, The Sun told how Will has admitted the pair sought help as their marriage hit breaking point.And a source said yesterday: “Their marriage has been on life support for a long time.Robbie strongly denied the rumours but Jada added fuel to the fire when she bragged at the premiere that she’d enjoyed watching the pair’s sex scenes.She said: “It’s nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way.” Meanwhile in 2011 there were rumours of a fling between Jada and Jennifer Lopez’s then husband Marc Anthony, 47, when they starred together in a US medical drama.“Will and I BOTH can do WHATEVER we want, because we TRUST each other to do so.

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From the time Jaden was five or six we would sit him down, and all he has to do is be able to explain why what he did was the right thing for his life.” So when Willow decided on a whim to shave her head bald at the age of 12, Will recalled: “The rule in our house is that you can do anything you want and we don’t pull the parent card until danger is involved. It grows back.” Will might secretly wish he had taken a few parenting pointers from his own parents.

” Strange logic, but par for the course on Planet Smith.

In 2013 speculation was rife that Will had cheated with actress Margot Robbie, 26, when they made movie Focus together in Australia.

The pair have spent years boasting that their life together was all about being different — about treating each other as free spirits, refusing to follow tradition and never punishing their children.

Any chance they got they dished out advice about how their untraditional methods had given them the perfect family life.

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