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(As Anissa tells a detective, “We were probably going to be spending the rest of our lives there.”) Though they were both a very young, Midwestern twelve, they had been chosen for a dark and unique destiny which none of their junior-high classmates could possibly understand, drawn into the forest in the service of a force much greater and more mysterious than anything in their suburban-American lives.What drew them out there has a name: Slender Man, faceless and pale and impossibly tall. Girls lured out into the dark woods—this is the stuff of folk tales from so many countries, a New World fear of the Puritans, an image at the heart of witchcraft and the occult, timeless.They role-play for a while—as the android from and a troll and a princess—then eat a breakfast of donuts and strawberries.Morgan gets her mother’s permission to walk to the small park nearby.They order Bella to lie down on the ground; they claim they will go get help.

Here is an image, picked from the notebooks of an eleven-year-old girl in a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin: a head portrait, in pencil, of a man in a dark suit and tie.About five hours later and a few miles away, while resting in the grass alongside Interstate 94, Morgan and Anissa are picked up by a pair of sheriff’s deputies.The deputies approach them carefully, aware that they are possible suspects in a stabbing but confused by their age. ” “I was forced to stab my best friend.” Morgan and Anissa do not yet know that Bella, against all odds, has survived.Its rules do not bleed over into the realm of the mundane, of parents and teachers and adult consequences.But in May 2014, the occult universe of two young girls did spill over into the real.

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