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Status: Ex-boyfriend History: Bay and Emmett first met each other when he was taking Daphne to school on his motorcycle.

After Bay was starting to look for her father, Emmett started to help, and eventually they started dating.

The two girls watched the video, and in the end Bay told Simone not to send it to anyone because it was too embarrassing; however, Simone sent it to everyone in school.

This caused Bay and Simone's friendship to end and Alicia to move out of town.

Start Up: Between Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time (1x22) & This Is the Color of My Dreams (1x23)Break Up: This Is the Color of My Dreams (1x23)Reason: Bay was not over Emmett, which Alex realized.Status: Ex-boyfriend History: Ty left to enlist in the military, so Bay broke up with him over the phone, but he and Bay remained friends and kept in touch.Until Write a Lonely Soldier, however, Ty thought that they would pick up where they left off when his tour was over. Bay discovered Ty "cheating" on her when she saw a girl's underwear fall out his bed and a condom wrapper on the floor.During the makeover, the two girls asked Alicia who she liked.She told them she liked a hockey player named Tom Burke, and they told her to practice asking him out while Simone filmed it.

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