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With dynamic packaging all, you need is to create an asset that contains a set of adaptive bitrate MP4 or Smooth Streaming files. You should copy the /asset-containerguid/*file to your server (or create your own key file) and then delete the *file from the asset container. Media Packager_MP4To and Media Packager_Smooth To are defined in Task Preset for Azure Media Packager and Media Encryptor_Play Ready is defined in the Task Preset for Azure Media Encryptor article. Then, based on the specified format in the manifest or fragment request, the On-Demand Streaming server ensures that your users receive the stream in the protocol they have chosen. The example in this section encodes a mezzanine file (in this case MP4) into multibitrate MP4 files and then packages MP4s into Smooth Streaming. i find some links and some "apis" but didn't meet final requirement please provide me a some useful material to solve this What is Aadhaar?

Format conversion and encryption capabilities may also be available through dynamic packaging and dynamic encryption. Below is a sample of the file produced by the Media Encoder Standard. Also, make sure the text in the file is encoded with UTF-8. And also to where your Media Packager_MP4To and Media Encryptor_Play Ready files are located. Once you have the adaptive bitrate MP4 set you can take advantage of Dynamic Packaging. Media Packager_MP4To is defined in Task Preset for Azure Media Packager and Media Encryptor_Play Ready is defined in the Task Preset for Azure Media Encryptor article. The XML that defines the preset for the validation task can be found in the Task Preset for Azure Media Packager article. As a result you are able to stream Smooth Streaming or MPEG DASH. Note Use the Media Encoder Standard to produce or the Media Services Packager to validate your content in order to avoid runtime issues. Media Services now provides a service for delivering Microsoft Play Ready licenses.

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