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Note that the absolutely essential calling convention type is not specified! At least the MSDN documentation online is up-to-date. For example, wouldn't it make sense to tell how to free such pages?

Note also that the input length is a ULONG, not the expected SIZE_T. Perhaps a hyperlink to what might be the corresponding function, Free User Physical Pages?

The _avioldindex_Flags has, in existing files, a flag value 0x00000002 which appears in real files but it is not documented.

It turns out it is the AVIIF_TWOCC flag which appears in the header file but is not documented.

MFC methods are indexed under their class name) Does not state if the Slim Reader/Writer lock can be placed in shared memory (shared segment DLL, shared segment executable, or memory-mapped file) and shared across process boundaries.The pe New field is described as Specifies an array of PALETTEENTRY structures, of size b Num Entries.The correct documentation is This array contains the number of PALETTEENTRY structures specified as b Num Entries, or, if b Num Entries is 0, the array will contain 256 PALETTEENTRY structures.This summarizes a number of errors and omissions in the MSDN documentation. (Note that leading _ and __ characters are ignored in the alphabetization. I am not the only one to have discovered these problems; see, for example, this note from Doug Harrison.

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