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“The pattern suggests that this account one of the very high end ones,” he told “It’s consistent with the overall Russian strategy.

The setting up date in 2013 is also at the time when Russian was putting its troll and bot campaign into high gear. Multiply that across the thousands and thousands of other fake accounts that are out there and you begin to see the scale of the challenge.” Mr Giles, who wrote a Handbook of Russian Information Warfare published by Nato, accused Western governments of underestimating the threat posed by hostile disinformation campaigns.

“David Jones” has been tweeting from the handle @David Jo52951945 for more than four years, amassing an extensive following and interactions high-profile figures including Tommy Robinson and Ukip spokesman John Bickley.

The account has a profile picture of a union flag and the figure 52 per cent, which as was the winning proportion of votes last year’s EU-referendum.

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Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied Kremlin involvement but conceded that “patriotically minded” Russian hackers may have launched attacks.

Research by a US-based analyst going by the name of Conspirador Norteño showed that the intensity of messaging has coincided with key points of Russian government interest, including its annexation of Crimea in 2014, intervention in Syria and the wider support for Mr Trump and Brexit seen in state media. This figure illustrates the volume of David Jo52951945's tweets mentioning various topics over the years.

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Mr Nimmo said the “factory” workers also worked 12-hour shifts during Russian working hours, adding: “There’s a pattern into which this account fits.” The analyst said that although many of the viewpoints espoused by “Jones”, such as anti-immigration, nationalism, anti-Islam, “deep state” conspiracy theories and opposition to leading Western figures like Angela Merkel, cross over with the far-right, there were also more niche Russian interests.

Examples include claims that the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 by pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine was a conspiracy theory, arguments the annexation of Crimea was legitimate and heavy criticism of Turkey after the country shot down a Russian fighter jet.

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