Twin dating ru

I ditch my London apartment, and I spend the next 3 years traveling the world, looking for my dream girl.

I’m only in the UK 1 month per year, and the other 11, I’m wherever I want in the world.

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So I took option two: Most of the beautiful girls I’d met in London were foreign.

Even when I did find beautiful English girls, they were often a real pain to spend time with.

So if Russian or Swedish or Brazilian girls are much more fun, I guess I should be spending time with them right?

I’d had my first relationship, with the first girl I kissed, and that lasted 2 1/2 years, then nothing for a few years.

Right after moving to London at age 25 I’d had two girlfriends for about a month each. Don’t force a relationship with a completely incompatible girl to work. These first relationships were just as nice and exciting as it was going to the clubs for the first time. Next I started going to more high-end nightclubs and infiltrating the scene more and more.

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