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This new, yet renowned website is designed for feminine lesbians and kicks off with a ‘femme power’ theme to banish the popular notion that being womanly and dressing girly technically makes a lesbian “invisible” in the LGBT or GLBT community.

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With a membership base made up exclusively of women, the attractive site offers you a lot more than just a place to meet lesbian singles.Do your homework before you sign up for a lesbian dating site.Read reviews and take advantage of other people’s experiences.In fact, the whole site has been designed and optimized from the ground up to support the LGBT community, also showing their interests in international marriage equality of gays and lesbians.A new online dating community and friendship site developed for those who want to meet other lesbian, bisexual or bi-curious women, Girl Friends Meet is a great place to find a huge number of women who are looking for a friend, soul mate, or just somebody to have a great time with.

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    I love literature, art, opera, perfume, poached eggs, being by the sea, dogs, trees, tea, impeccable manners and children.'I'm curious about the world; fascinated by the past and energised by the future; at ease dressing up, yet happy dressing down.