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The account’s creator, 32-year-old Joe Toscano, describes the bot’s output as “linguistic salad creation.”Toscano has tweaked tofu’s algorithm over time.

He says the original formula was written in Objective-C against the Apple Core Data framework, but there were scaling issues with that codebase once @tofu_product became so popular.

While your conversations with them might be inane, something sends you back.

For whatever reason, tweeting with @tofu_product feels strangely familiar.

The service began as a chatbot simulation wherein you would text a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend," but now, actual human beings are doing the talking.

After the generation function runs its course, the result is run through a sanity check of a kind and then posted to Twitter as a reply.”Basically, the results are as if your own tweets have been chopped up into poetry magnets and then reassembled by Crispin Glover.

And of all the ways we could interact with them, why is a plain old texting screen so entertaining?

The business of helping developers develop these apps is a thing now.

we are, the more we are all just pixels on a screen.

And we crave more pixels, pixels talking to us, responding to us, acknowledging us—as often as possible.“It’s just a reality that social life is moving through screens,” says Eric Klinenberg, director of the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU and the author of .

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