Spreadsheet formulas not updating automatically

How it works: The RFZ Expense Budget spreadsheet has two major aspects to it: 1) The sheet tracks and shows you an over view of your budget, your spending (which you enter yourself) and your remaining balance for each month of the year for various categories such as rent, groceries, gas etc.Via various spreadsheet formulas, I’ve set it up so that all your totals and balances are reflected on this sheet.Lao Tse Hi, I have just experienced exactly the same problem with Excel 2003.Large file, the data series in the charts are described by named ranges.They are still the same as they were before the worksheet was changed.I can only get them to update by making an adjustment to the source data series in the chart itself (any adjustment will do - it seems to be the simple act of changing something that triggers the update).rog1111 Would disagree Rog, certainly both the Worksheet_Open event and an Auto Open macro both fire off. Would disagree Rog, certainly both the Worksheet_Open event and an Auto Open macro both fire off. Lao Tse Using the older versions of Excel, this was a problem when the spreadsheet got too large.

For example, opening a s/sheet from Excel via File/Open is quite not the same as browsing for a file in Windows Explorer and clicking on it.I tried increasing the number of iterations to 10000 but no difference. A couple of weeks ago at the Ready For Zero HQ, a few of us were talking about budgeting and how we keep track of our expenses so that we don’t over spend.So, I spent sometime transferring my budgeting spreadsheet from Excel to Google Docs and sprucing it up a bit so that I can share it with you., meaning anyone with a link can look at it, but it won’t allow you to make any changes.

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