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As you may have surmized by now, the majority of research points towards men being generally dire when it comes to handling break ups.So, then, the million dollar question: what’s a lovelorn man to do?

On a scale where 0 was painless and 10 was unbearable, on average, women ranked emotional pain at 6.84, while men reported a slightly lower average of 6.58.If you’re still feeling glum, here’s one last nugget of advice from 19 century wordsmith Kahlil Gibran: “Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.” And once you’ve made your recovery, and emerged blinking into the sunlight of a new day? I have been researching the history of Spiritual Christians (folk Protestants) from Russia, my heritage, since entering college in the 1960s.Instead, swallow all that silly masculine fear of appearing weak, and open up.Whether it’s a cathartic vent over a drink with friends, or a teary phone call to your parents, opening up is the first step towards making a full recovery.

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