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The Super X3 autoloader is the latest in the line of shotguns having their roots in the original Super X Model One, although mechanically the similarities are very vague compared to the original.

The Super X3 action is more directly related to the Super X2 introduced in 1999.

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Is there any difference in how long these guns will hold up?

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Hi, At that rate of use, you most likely be unable to wear either gun out. Not being critical, judgmental, or making a statement.

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The SX4 is merely an updated SX3, using the same old gas system as the Browning Gold/Silver, and the Winchester SX2 and SX3. Collectively, these updates make for a slimmer, lighter and livelier gun than the predecessor. My local shop had a couple in stock last week, and they just felt great.

Compared to the SX3, the A300 and the V3; the SX4 is slimmer, the oversized controls and trigger guard are easier for me to use, and the gun just seems to have more inherent quality and attention to detail than anything else in the price range.

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