Speed dating for college students nyc

Hosted at the Harmonie Club on Thursday, October 17th, students on the finance track met with alumni from hedge funds, investment banks, capital and asset mangement firms.On the marketing track, students had the opportunity to learn from alumni from consumer package goods, digital media and entertainment, and leisure and travel industries. To others, I described it as a low-pressure way to ease back into the dating scene after a painful end to a long-term relationship.But inevitably, I had to be honest and call the two-hour event what it actually was: speed dating. On one hand, I could easily convince myself that attending such an event (and paying for the privilege) was a fun, practical and possibly even productive was to meet new people, make new friends, and maybe make plans to go on an actual date.Every three minutes organizers rang a small bell to signal it was time to change partners.After a couple of hours, every woman had spoken to every other woman., who founded On Speed Dating two years ago, said she organizes speed dating events for niche groups ranging from fitness fanatics to those interested in men taller than 6 feet 1 inch.As four big screen televisions showed a repeat of the Holland vs.

Then my pen hovered over the space next to Travis's name. Was I glad to have taken a chance, to have gotten outside of myself and to rethink my opinions?

Spain World Cup finals and Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby, attempts to encourage her to stay.

But most of those in attendance appeared eager to get started.

Everyone had a great time with lively conversation, networking, plus a spread of Asian specialties to provide nourishment for the 3.5 hour event.

.com's "Femme for Femme" speed dating night, which touts itself as an event for "single, sexy, feminine, lipstick lesbian and bi-sexual women...specifically tailored for the 'girly' girls," kicked off at p.m. Attendees paid each to sit across from one another in two long rows, trying to make themselves heard over the blaring jukebox.

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