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The Obama administration in June 2016 had changed longstanding policy, declaring that troops could serve openly as transgender individuals.And it set a July 2017 deadline for determining whether transgender people could be allowed to enter the military.It has not been spelled out exactly how the criteria will be assessed, however the Trump administration seems to be implying that it does not believe transgender service people are deployable.The policy gives the Pentagon six months to oust 'non-deployable' transgender service members, bans new transgender hires and orders the Pentagon to stop paying for trans service members' medical treatments.

Ireland, Retired Army veteran Laila Ireland, Former Navy Lt.

Yes he’s a friend of mine, but no I don’t agree with what he did.” Considering how much internet hate the video has generated, it may generate some bad publicity for the show just days before it premieres at 10 p.m. We will undoubtedly be talking about this on next week’s episode of the Inside MTV’s “Siesta Key” podcast.

The gang return from Amsterdam and it's time to tear Newcastle a new one.

Speaking ahead of the ceremony, Jack insisted it would be 'absolutely insane not to' support transgender members of the military, before going on to express his 'heartbreak' at President Trump's trans military ban - and his presidency in general.'It’s absolutely heartbreaking; a massive step backwards, as is every day with Trump,' he noted.

The group's high profile appearance comes in the wake of a directive from President Trump, banning new transgender military recruits and implementing a six-month time limit on deciding what to do with current transgender military members.

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