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However, the narrative is not diffused by the "Causes" Sarah exposes .

It was apparent after a study of the methods proposed for use by the schools for accountability purposes that fiscal accountability was being minimized and the techniques were being promoted for achieving behavioral objectives.

"Dare the Schools Build a New Social Order", 1932, Prof. Counts, important American educator and supporter of all things communist, especially Soviet education, says on page 28: "that the teachers should deliberately reach for power and then make the most of their conquest is my firm belief." A New and Revised Edition... 33 deg., author of "The History of Freemasonry,""Lexicon of Freemasonry," "A Text-book of Masonic Jurisprudence," "Symbolism of Freemasonry,", etc., etc.

An Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences comprising the Whole Range of Arts, Sciences and Literature as connected with the Institution, by Albert G. The Don Bell Reports are of enormous importance for persons interested in the unvarnished truth (history) of the promotion of socialism in the United States.

Thus it might prove embarrassing for friends and family if the fictional areas of the book were confused with facts. Here, her arguments and reasoning are presented bycharacters such as "Great Uncle John David Barr", "Mr .

Carter", "Congressman Kahl", "Amy Dimmock" and "Sarah", herself.

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