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Submit a bug or feature For further API reference and developer documentation, see Java SE Documentation. That documentation contains more detailed, developer-targeted descriptions, with conceptual overviews, definitions of terms, workarounds, and working code examples. You read the document with a class that implements a interface to bind.

And maybe i got it wrong but I thought that the Validator does not build a full DOM tree like the parser does and is therefore a bit faster.I don't think there are any modern 3rd party libraries that feature anything especially useful that's missing from the stl and the standard libraries have the usual advantages of being extremely well tested, documented and [email protected] Exception handling is about as much removed from the point of this post as possible.We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance.

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