Rihanna dating white men Sexy webcam chatrooms

While some of them have just been rumors, others have certainly been the real deal.

The couple was photographed making out in a pool in Spain during their romantic vacation together, and sources close to the couple say they've been seeing each other for quite some time.

Amongst the news of Rihanna's new single and humanitarian work, she's been spotted (we use 'spotted' in the loosest sense, more like creeped on with a long lens camera) living her absolute best life in a pool in Spain, with some champers and an incredibly beautiful man.

Even better than the photos themselves though, have been the Twitter reactions.

Not really buying the reports that she thinks he might be “the one.”But that pic is fire. Looks like she’s grown up a lot since the Chris Brown debacle, and has learned about powerful feminine power to call the shots with any and all men she damn well wants.

Rihanna has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, and over the years, she's been romantically linked to several famous men.

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