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audio content can be streamed from an rss feed and saved to a memory stick. if this hack is true then send it to people other than fanjita…cos by reading on he didnt seem that keen to pursue a hack on 2.7 anyway. ..cuase if it is i have that and its not japan…give me some feed back on that please??????

aac compatibility has also been added to allow for a wider range of music playback. – by bryantno its not japan but psp's were made in japan so it is not japan most people who got psp s first have that model i have that and i got mine in october 206 after they came out so dont worry :) – by dboihahaha geek#1 hahaha good one…anyways there isnt no hacks for 2.7 yet…ive been workin on it too…but there isnt no hacks yet..sorry to tell you that…but im gonna buy another psp because 2.7 you cant do anything on it so im gonna buy another psp with fw 1.5…so i can download homebrew on it i just hope since they have mario karts 64 game that you can put on your psp i hope they just make a golden eye 007 now..i love that game for 64..i have a n64 but i wanna play the games on my psp…..anyways joker there isnt no hacks for it the only thing i can tell you is either buy another one orjust wait tell someone finds a hack for it… in the toc of this file you can set too much things…for example require the user to set a password before start it…

psp updating firmware-5

this release seems to put the emphasis on getting the internet working better, having added the ability to view macromedia flash 6 files. and fanjita is no longer at its – by by christoi updated to flash and my psp works fine its not slow or nothin i even went on the web browser and its seems to be runnin alot better then fw 2.6.runs faster now that it has flash and i also downloaded loco roco…so it must be your psp if its slowin down or somethin.there is a downgrader for fw 2.7 but you have to pay for it its on somewebsite but i cant remember the link just use google and type in psp downgrader and you can watch the video doesnt show nothin really but they say it doesnt matter what frimework you have…but sounds to fake to buy it but it has a 60 day money back…i dunno right nwo im tryin to find flash games for fw 2.7 that is a pbp file like loco roco – by bryanthey what is everyone's model number mine is psp-1001..someone says thats a japan psp is that true?However, if you intend to apply it on your device, then save the appropriate package for your portable console, create a PSP UPDATE path on an empty memory card or the internal memory, and copy the “EBOOT. Now, make sure the console’s battery is fully charged, connect its AC adapter and plug it into a stable power source, and insert the memory card if you are using one.Afterwards, go to Menu Refresh to locate the firmware file, press “X” to initiate the upgrade process, and follow all instructions displayed on screen for a complete and successful installation.You knew they were coming, now PSP 3.80 and PS3 2.10 are out and ready to dance on your Sony console.That's Div X and WMV video support with Blu-ray profile 1.1 now ready for your PS3 in addition to Internet radio and a few other goodies for your PSP.

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