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At Allen’s house, she discovered numerous guns and feared for her life.Later that night, while in bed together, Brown shot him in the head.In addition to mentoring other women in prison, she received her Associate’s Degree from Lipscomb University’s in-jail program in 2016, and is now working toward her Master’s Degree.#Cyntoia Brown is no longer a child, she's actually older than me and has earned her Associate's Degree while mentoring girls in prison.An investigation by Hammonton police and Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Special Victims Unit Detective Dan Choe determined that Guerrero was in a dating relationship with the girl.

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With her story of survival rightfully capturing the world’s attention, Cyntoia Brown’s release date from prison has become an important point of contention surrounding her case.

Brown has been sentenced to life in prison at the Tennessee Prison for Women and won’t be eligible for parole , explores Brown’s life in jail, as well as the horrific abuse she had to escape — leading to her eventual imprisonment.

Before Brown was solicited by Allen, she was a sex trafficking victim living with a sexually abusive pimp who went by “Kutthroat.” While Brown was out picking up money for Kutthroat, Allen solicited her for sex.

In 2011, Tennessee courts decided that minors cannot be charged with prostitution — yet Brown is still in jail, charged as a prostitute who killed her john.

The Cyntoia Brown case began in 2004, poor girl is now in her 20s 😕.

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