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Do not apply more than 3 months prior to the date of travel. But must not stay beyond 30 days and with confirmed onward ticket to the 3rd country.

– If using Philippine Official and Diplomatic Passport. – If the individual has been to Korea for four (4) times within the past two years with a C2 or C3 visa.

Philippine passport holders who intend to visit or work in Korea are required to secure a visa at the Consular Office.

Visa classifications are as follows: – Temporary Visitor’s Visa (Tourist/Business) – Transit Visa for Seafarers – Holders of Confirmation of Visa Issuance number from Korea’s Ministry of Justice.

Popular celebrities, artists/athletes/writers who can be searched or viewed in Philippine major media websites – Required document: A membership card or an ID, Media records or Records of concerned activity 12.

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1 (Prohibition of Entry); – Our record shows that you have previously violated the Korean law; – You failed to submit the required document completely; – The documents you have submitted cannot be verified; – You failed to prove the purpose of entry to Korea; – You failed to prove strong economic and family ties to the home country; – Your inviter is not qualified to invite you; – You failed to prove the relationship with your inviter.

Temporary Visitor’s Visa may be granted a regular period of stay for 59 days, and if requested, maximum period of stay for 90 days.

Transit Visa for Seafarers is granted period of stay for 59 days.

For those who have Confirmation of Visa Issuance number, the period of stay will depend on the approved length of stay from the Ministry of Justice in Korea.

For all those who wish to apply for a Korean visa, they must comply the list of requirements.

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