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During those days, Zarzays were often elderly gentleman that had earned respect from the community since they were entrusted to carry valuable personal goods from one house to another.

One of Zarzay’s lost traditions involved a special deed in which Friday worshipers would buy groceries for a family in need with the Zarzay delivering the groceries without revealing the source of the provider and the family in need.

In fact, this type of tumors arises from the smooth muscle cells and occurs usually in the uterus and the gastrointestinal tracts.

If the spine should be involved, it occurs generally as a metastatic location.

” of Voyager I and II’s exploration of the solar system.

Destiny combined with focus, passion, hard work, and a sense of adventure allowed him to become a key scientist at the NASA Research Center that built the twin Voyager spacecrafts that were launched in 1977 and continue to send valuable scientific data to earth.

Kamal: One story that comes to mind deals with “Dar sherifates.” My great grandmother told me about a foster house for women who became widows and had to care for their families.

Women from the community volunteered to teach these widows how to make traditional Moroccan slippers and clothing and how to bring their products to the market place.

A second story involved “Zarzay,” a Moroccan word for a trustworthy deliveryman.MWN: What is your message to the Moroccan students in Morocco or here in U. Kamal: I want to say that in addition to a purpose in life there must also be passion.Numerous studies have shown that only 11 percent of people around the world are happy with their daily jobs.In 2005, I founded The Moroccan American Cultural Center of Los Angeles (MACCLA) that aims to bringing both Moroccans and Americans together by highlighting the commonalities in the two cultures.We regularly collaborate with renowned Universities in California to produce traditional Moroccan concerts, poetry readings and other academic and social activities.

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