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Middle School and a leader in the group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), wrote to allies early Thursday morning saying she was “In Need Of Your Support Once Again.” “Fox News is waging a hysterical witch-hunt against me because of my prominence in the Bay Area movement against Trump and his Breitbart white supremacist backers,” she wrote.“The fact that I stood my ground against a Fox News demagogue-journalist was a surprising humiliation to him and the Fox News audience, and has driven several hundred Trump supporters into a frenzied attempt to create a new witch-hunt.The district cited six Education Code sections related to its notification letter, which was dated June 30, 2016: immoral conduct, evident unfitness for service, persistent violation of or refusal to obey school laws, dishonesty, unprofessional conduct and unsatisfactory performance.In 2009, according to the letter, Felarca “repeatedly solicited students to participate in protests” against a proposed charter school BUSD was considering, despite having been formally reprimanded about involving students in her political activities, and pursuing those activities during the work day.When BUSD tried to schedule a private meeting with Felarca about the issue, “employees in the District office were confronted with a loud group of over ten young people …

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Felarca has been involved in a public struggle with BUSD since September when the district placed her on paid leave following widespread reports and video showing her punching a man at a white nationalist rally in Sacramento in late June.The 30-page letter documents allegations dating back to 2009.The letter said Felarca’s performance “reflected unprofessional conduct and unsatisfactory performance,” and said both are grounds for dismissal.“This would represent a defeat for me and my students.It would also represent a defeat for the progressive values that hold our community together, and the national movement of millions of new activists fighting to defend those values all over the country against Trump and his bullies.” In a statement published on the School District website Wednesday, School Board President Ty Alper and BUSD Superintendent Donald Evans said they do not, and cannot, discuss personnel matters in public.

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