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When Olbermann discovered that his new office door had a built-in window, he went ballistic, phoning network President Phil Griffin and threatening to walk. I was floored when NBC Universal’s director of communications responded, saying “Ms. And last week, she revealed on her show the heavily hyped, “earth-shattering secret” that she has a half-sister whom her mother long ago gave up for adoption. The folks who run your subways have red blood pumping through their black hearts after all. After he lost Affleck, Olbermann staged a three-day sickout. So earlier this month, when Olbermann again whined that he wasn’t happy, MSNBC brass couldn’t wait to be rid of him. In the ’90s, he anchored ESPN’s “Sports Center.” “He didn’t play so nicely in the sandbox,” said an ESPN source. It did not add to the workplace.” In 2004 — seven years after he left — Olbermann was the only on-air personality excluded from Sports Center’s 25th-anniversary reunion week. Any journalist who’s leveled even mild criticism was likely to be named Olbermann’s “Worst Person in the World,” as Jeff Bercovici learned when he wrote in Daily that Olbermann’s ratings nose-dived because of such outrages as his calling Massachusetts Sen.Olbermann wanted the star for himself on “Countdown.” It was the first battle Keith didn’t win. But Olbermann’s mom died nearly two weeks earlier, City File reported, and he didn’t miss a day of work. Last April, Olbermann went nuts when Donny Deutsch was hired as a guest host on MSNBC. What recently happened was a blast from the past, as far as we’re concerned.” After a female ESPNer wrote a book, “one day,” said the source, “Keith counted how many swear words were in it.” He sent the results to the entire newsroom. He lived three years with WNBC newsblonde Katy Tur, half his age. NO CONSEQUENCES As long as Charlie Sheen hauls in megabucks for CBS, authorities in three states, plus every hooker on Craigslist, will look the other way as he self-destructs, taking innocents with him.“In protest, he refused to go on the air,” said the ex-colleague. A year and a half earlier, MSNBC had moved studios from the Jersey boonies to Rockefeller Center. So I e-mailed Katy, a reporter I might run into on the street, not expecting an answer. Charlie was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital last week suffering abdominal pain after an all-night bacchanalia fueled by a Gucci satchel full of cocaine and five women, some of whom remove their clothes for a living. As long as there are no consequences for his laying waste to a Plaza hotel suite and terrifying a naked escort, as long as there’s no punishment for his threatening his wife with a knife — I doubt it. lesbian.” Then, in a bit of too-much-information TV, she told Piers Morgan that losing a baby at age 14 was a “blessing in disguise” — in that it gave her a second chance at, well, becoming a billionaire. Or, like Norma Desmond, will he fade, screaming, into the sunset? Nobody cared.” Tales of Olbermann’s unhinged behavior go back almost to the beginning of his career. Last year, he quit writing for Daily Kos, apoplectic that an online commenter suggested he’d criticized President Obama to improve his TV ratings. But it begs the question: Can Keith Olbermann be saved?When Olbermann was just 17 years old, he worked as a stringer for United Press International, a major news agency that provided journalistic material to magazines, newspapers and radio and television broadcasting companies.Olbermann received his Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, in 1979.

In the end, it wasn’t Keith Olbermann’s wacko politics, bipolar tantrums, or the Comcast takeover that set his MSNBC career on a col lision course with an iceberg. A source formerly with the cable network said the end began in April 2009, when Rachel Maddow booked Hollywood’s darling to appear on her show. He later claimed that he vanished from the air to mourn his mother (and attend baseball games). Shortly after that, Olbermann first proposed walking away from more than two years on his million-a-year contract, as The Post reported. In November, he was suspended two days for making political contributions. “He has no friends, nobody to go to,” said one former pal. “He was condescending to those who didn’t see things his way. Scott Brown a “racist.” “As he’s gotten more strident and more lost inside his own navel, the segment became less of a joke,” said Bercovici, now at Forbes. Maddow’s and Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC ratings have soared since Olbermann’s departure. Olbermann, who turned 52 Thursday, has never married.

She had spoken to him five times and traded emails with him, all about a documentary that he had made about soldiers in Afghanistan.

Tur had also dated Olbermann, although Mediaite reports that the pair split over a year ago.

That was just a normal thing for him to throw tantrums.” The door was replaced.

Oprah delivered the confessions, like nervous tics, just ahead of giving up her eponymous talk show. About 100 passengers were trapped on an N train during last week’s snowstorm — then told to walk home from Coney Island. As a bonus, no rats were spotted scampering on cars, like those videotaped prancing near and on grossed-out riders of the 4 and R lines.

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