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Becki Sabell, 26, who attended the event, says that the Northern soul scene is bigger now than ever.

"The main thing I love about the Northern soul scene is the sense of community," she says.

The film, proudly "kitchen sink" in its ambitions, recreates the scene exactly as it was. And yet, as authentic as it certainly is (down to the sweat and spit of the hundreds of dancers recruited by Constantine from all over the country), the film might well have told the tale of a new Teddy boy, mod, hippie, punk or new romantic – all of whom would have spent their last pound on exotic threads and arcane vinyl while their parents banged their heads against their pebble-dashed homes and turned to drink.

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It is a rainy Sunday afternoon in Birmingham and 200 or so young people pack the dance floor of the Testify Northern Soul All Dayer.

To the last, they face the DJ, shuffling from side to side like a gaggle of Whirling Dervishes before clapping their hands in unison and breaking into spins, splits and backdrops.

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