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This recently happened with my Harvard Business Review magazine subscription. I scrolled down to that issue, and tapped the big pink READ button. It said something like, “Issue Not Available Please Download Again.” Ok. For me there has always been a modicum of confusion with how Apple put together Newsstand. In fact, the bookmark functionality was already storing articles for offline use, so it already worked in the way you would expect for Read Later.The Library screen is a partial reorganization of the My Library screen from earlier versions, but it merges most of the functionality into a tab titled Topics & Sources.It boasts smooth scrolling with auto-play videos and full-bleed images, and presents stories and topics in a lively manner.

Tapping on the search bar will now open a screen with suggestions for possible searches and landing pages including trending subjects, topics, news sources, and magazines.

The four screens you can go to are titled For You, Library, Explore, and Read Later.

The latter two are no different than the Explore and Bookmark screens from the previous version.

Play Newsstand has been quietly going without an update for much longer than normal, and now we can see why.

Version 4.0 began rolling out yesterday and it's packed with a whole new look and a few new features.

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