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It really left us feeling quite disgusted that folks would have the gall to trash this paradisical place. Please, if you're going to hike the trails, or camp overnight ~ be respectful of this beautiful paradise and just leave your quiet footprints behind ~ don't deface the bamboo groves, trees,by carving your initials in the bark ~ or pick the flowers ~ or TRASH the place... Be respectful of Kua'i so others can enjoy the immense natural beauty that is breath taking indeed and not leaving behind what others have to feel sickened by ~ with all the heaps of trash left behind ~ it truly left us with an awful feeling ~ and disappointed us greatly, that folks would not respect this beautiful Isle, not to mention ignore all the signs kindly asking one to carry out all that is carried in on the camping trails. Also, heed the warnings and take them seriously ~ they are there for a reason.. (smile) ~ I'd go back there in a heartbeat ~ it is THAT beautiful on Kua'i...Perhaps more signage or enforcement (steeper fines) could be implemented ~ or have rangers physically present in this particular area? you may not only be putting your life in danger, but others who may have to try and save yours. it is our prayer, that Kua'i keeps it's integrity and not over develope commercially ~ it's Aloha Spirit is intoxicating and so relaxing ~!

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Our plan to hike the trail over a period of three days was cancelled due to the theft of our backpacks which had all the camping gear, stove, water purification, food, clothes, hiking permits... We reported the theft and after buying a few items of clothing to get us through the week we were able to enjoy several day hikes. Does anyone have any suggestions on hiking and camping the Napali Coast w/ a one year old in a backpack?

We were really hoping to bring our daughter but it seems like it may be too dangerous.

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