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NEWS: I O Two new £200 colour micros — MPF-II and Colour Genie; Jupiter's £90 fast Forth Ace; Acorn's BBC voice unit. I This month computers at the Fox and Goose read out poetry to the West London Computer Club. ZX-81 MACHINE CODE: / £- Kathleen Peel continues her guided tour through machine code. Cassette 07: Super Programs 7 (ICL) Hardware required -ZY&\. While the Votrax chip is producing ihe sounds, it sends a Busy or low signal to the D7 line of your input port which needs to be tested by a line in your program. And then display the appropriate information on your screen. But given the novelty of this feature, its uses and applications are explained in the manual in too sketchy a fashion.OO BREAK THE BARRIER; Tim Langdell tries everything from bleeps to speech synthesisers as he tries to persuade his ZX-81 to speak and be spoken to. O Boris Allan confronts random Beefeaters and looks into a crystal ball as he checks out Spectrum programs. MIDWICH MC IV Tough, cheap and versatile — will the new Midwich MC impress engineers and scientists as much as it did John Dawson? Only when ihis line goes high again, should you try to make the Wideband produce another phoneme. The classic board game in its very best computer form. Not so user-friendly Far from being "friendly" at times the system appears to be downright hostile, as one of a total of 120 error codes sends the user scurrying to the error appendix.As they chat with their machines they will wonder how we ever managed without it. Animation Bases a i Animation Player Miss A; Graphics Player Missile Graphics Display L«t$ Display Lists Ho WVcrtical Sen* Hoti//vcr ticai 5 ift OWi • 5022VI C ? 12 04: Super Programs 4 (ICL) Hardware required - ZX81. The Voxbox, which has an external knob to change the pitch, hums less. The final device in this survey is a Speech Recognition system from William Stuart Systems. Naturally enough it con- sumes a good deal of memory: creating a screen page 40 characters wide by 200 lines deep takes up more than 10K.YOUR COMPUTER, SEPTEMBER 1982 3 AUTOMATIC TAPE CONTROLLER FOR THE SINCLAIR ZX81 • DATA PROCESSING The ZX99 gives you software control of up to four tape drives (two for reading, two for writing) allowing merging of data files. £6.95 We are looking for good quality programs covering games, utilities and education. Please write or phone us on (0708) 60725 J Dealer enquiries also welcome. il For unexpanded model,graphics and sound are incorporated into this absorbing battle between you (the dare-devil)-and the elements. Useful utility program enables user to re-define character set using Mode 4. a -1 — I — r-1 I " I 1 P " 1 ■ 1 ■ I * i 1 s s 3 We're only a few minutes from your Post Box. 4K-M ■m ri6 9i fi4 9b 114 95 ft 4 % • » - rt4 9i SUSb £14 & £14% £14 95 fi4 95 £14 9b £14 95 £9 9:. Perhaps Wideband couid improve this aspect by changing the smoothing Above: Big Ears speech recognition system. By the way, do not be surprised if you order a Wideband, or a Voxbox, and receive a cable with it marked "Pet". ■ Namal Supertalker 1, Namal Associates, 25 Gwydir Street, Cambridge. Speech recognition UBig Ears, William Stuart Systems Ltd, Dower House, 7 Billericay Road, Heron- gate, Brentwood, Essex. This is also known by the unfortunate name Big Kars. None of these techniques is, however, covered in sufficient detail by the manual, which bears all the marks of rushed pre- paration.

FINGERTIPS: OD Our pocket computer and calculator column. Eight packed pages of programs for the ZX-81, Spectrum, BBC Micro, Vic and others. EDITORIAL MANUFACTURERS HAVE PUSHED the prices of micros offering colour and sound into a steep nosedive; no-one will be too bothered if they never pull out of it. Description - Five games plus easy conversion between English and continental dress sizes. The Wideband has a long word list with suggested phoneme combinations for each word. The procedure for obtaining high-resolution graphics is somewhat cumbersome.

ANSWERING MACHINES ""Tice certified Lor intelj vatec] ATT) 1 wish may | mani sol me I I » I Buying your first Genie I microcomputer is just the start of a long and enthralling adventure, for it won't be long before you will want to expand your system with some of the wide range of peripherals which make up the complete Genie System. Description - A great program, using fast and efficient machine code, with graphics board, rolling dice, and doub- ling dice. Cassette G11 : Chess (Psion) Hardware re quired - ZX81 16K RAM. Education Cassette E1 : Fun to Learn series - English Literature 1 (ICL) Hardware required - ZX81 16K RAM. While the Wideband manual is long and generally well written, it does not help you very much with regards attaching the unit to a ZX-81. And they have produced a range of exciting games, exacting business and useful household software. * Number of Video pages is limited only by RAM size (each takes about 6.5K RAM) • Instant inverse video on/off gives flashing characters • Video pages can be superimposed • Video page access is similar to Basic plot/unplot commands • Contains 2K EPROM monitor with full range of graphics subroutines controlled by machine code or USR function j MEMOPAK CENTRONICS TYPE PARALLEL PRINTER INTERFACE "^ Main Features — • Interfaces ZX8I and parallel printers of the Centronics type • Enables use of a range of dot matrix and daisy wheel printers with ZX8I • Compatible with ZX8I Basic, prints from LLIST, LPRINT and COPY • Contains firmware to convert ZX8I characters to ASCII code • Gives lower-case characters from ZX8I inverse character set i mm?

Then there is the Printer, a compact unit with 80 column, 5 x 7 matrix print-out, which connects to your Genie through the Expander, or via the Parallel Printer Interface. Monitor, a must if you want to let the rest of the family watch their TV. The recent improvements in the Genie system, including Extended Basic, sound unit and machine language monitor, make it the ideal system for the committed hobbyist, and an excellent ajjd easy-to-use educational tool. Cassette G8: Super Programs 8 (ICL) Hardware required - ZX81 16K RAM. Cassette G9: Biorhythms (ICL) Hardware required - ZX81 16K RAM. But only the Strobe signal should go to the D7 line. line, circle, paint, print, draw, rotate and print using). Free Brochures Just clip the coupon or write to us and we will rush our catalogue absolutely free. The Open state- ment allows you to open and define, through a list of parameters, an input or output data "stream" to a particular device such as a TV or monitor, or the printer.

Then those who enjoy battle games could easily find themselves in command of a squadron of aircraft on the screen, giving verbal "bandits at two o'clock"-type warnings to fellow pilots while fending off attacks using joystick control. You can buy specialised chips which hold all the phonemes in English but hours must be spent programming the device to speak even the simplest phrases with the correct pronunciation and inflection. Add-on RAM Cartridges: 3KRAM (AF51F) £29 95 8KRAM (AF52G) £44.95 16KRAM (AF53H) £74.95 Memory Expansion Board: 6 ports for plug-in cartridges (AF54J) £12595 Qame Programs Avenger Cartridge Star Battle Cartridge Super Slot Cartridge Jelly Monsters Cartridge Alien Cartridge Super Lander Cartridge Road Race Cartridge Rat Race Cartridge Blitz Cassette Books About VIC Learn Programming on the VIC VIC Revealed VIC Programmers Reference Guide (AC59P) (AC60Q) (AC61R) (AC62S) (AC63T) (AC64U) (AC65V) (AC66W) (AC67X) (WA31J) {WA32K) £19.95 £19.95 £1995 £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 £19.95 £4.99 £2.50 £11.50 (WA33L) £16.50 6 YOUR COMPUTER, SEPTEMBER 1932 4 Consoles available; Atari 400 with 16K RAM Atari 400 with 48K RAM Atari 800 with 16K RAM Atari 800 with 48K RAM Lots of other hardware: (AF36P) £249.95 (AF37S) (AF02C) (AF55K) 16K RAM Module (AF28F) £50.00 48K RAM Module (AF06G) E299.95 48K Upgrade for400 (AF04E) £265.00 Floppy Disk (AF41U) £59.95 Le Slick (AF42V) £59.95 Joystick Controllers (AF29G) £135.00 For full details ask tor our hardware leaflet (AF43W) £169.00 (XH54J) SAE appreciated NOW YOU CAN JOIN THE U. Address your subscription to Ron Cassette Recorder Disk Drive Thermal Printer Printer Interface for 400 Printer Interface for 800 interface Module Versawriter £319.00 £499.00 £590.00 (AF08J) (AF44X) (AF45Y) (YX87U) (AC45Y) (AC37S) £55.00 £125.35 £75.00 £2 50 £24.95 £13.95 THE CHOICEST GEMS OF ATARI SOFTWARE FROM MAPLIN Adventure Games ■'. This pitch control is rather difficult to access and any adjustment involves you in sticking a screwdriver through a hole in the rear of the unit. PLUS a good graphic HANGMAN game: 400 word vocabulary (or enter your own words). You could set up a screen page 200 lines deep; scroll it up or down the screen window and then jump to any other page of text or high-resolution graphics.

If that sounds too futuristic, there arc instances much closer to the present where sound could be used and for which relatively inexpensive hardware already exists. Music must be the most obviously neglected area — the chips exist and a small piano-format keyboard could be offered with most micros for little extra cost. Tomorrow's computer buffs will be mystified that manufacturers only turned to sound when they wanted a new feature to tempt the buyer. I.'TXX ■ Onon Sfll Ryn to R«Aft'• Teach- Younell Prog Conver MKinalfrench Conversational German Conversational Spanish Conversational Italian Touch Typing States (Capitals tcrcoean Countries 4 Capitals Programming invt UMxi to Programming Basics 0! Description - Fives games plus currency conversion at will - for example, dollars to pounds. A final criticism must be the rather annoy- ing hum that the unit produces. Educational applications This facility has obvious potential for educational applications, graphic games and animation effects.

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