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Interracial dating is no longer taboo in today’s society, as witnessed by the many interracial dating service websites like Christian Mingle and e Harmony Dating Service .However, dating across racial and ethnic lines still remains a controversial subject in some quarters.

The longest lasting interracial dating relationships and marriages are those which are able to weave the best of both cultures into unison with each other.Being a Godconscious race, the Sethites sought the Lord, worshiped Him, and called themselves by His name.For further proof that the separation of Cain was no inconsequential or temporary thing, turn to the fifth chapter of Genesis, which gives the genealogy of the patriarchs from Adam to Noah, and note that the name of Cain is not included in the record.His segregation was so complete and permanent that he was not registered in "the book of the generations of Adam" truly a significant fact.Genesis VI Many centuries elapsed between the events recorded in the fourth and sixth chapters of Genesis.

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