Mad friend dating his ex

Initially has trouble with men (particularly Pete) hitting on her; eventually, she starts hitting on men.

Known for flirting with the counterculture, but not being radical/interested enough to commit to it.

Smart and self-possessed, making her one of his more interesting relationships.

The very first woman we see Don sleep with, a commercial artist with a circle of racially mixed, pot-smoking, counterculture friends.

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The new artistic director at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. When we first meet her, she's The Woobie, an outwardly perfect, inwardly depressed housewife who can't even go to her old-school Freudian psychiatry sessions without her husband calling her doctor behind her back to find out what she's saying.The most prominent member of the series' Ensemble Cast, Draper starts Season 1 as the head of Creative at Sterling Cooper, rises to junior partner, and flees the company to start Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce when Sterling Cooper is sold to Mc Cann Erickson. And honestly, its absolutely ridiculous to be two years into your career and counting your ideas! And you should be thanking me every morning when you wake up, along with Jesus for giving you another day!He has a secret past - he was born as Richard "Dick" Whitman, and assumed his commanding officer's identity when he was killed in action in the Korean War. Starting as Don Draper's wide-eyed new secretary at the beginning of Season 1, she ends up senior copywriter at SCDP.He later becomes a founding partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.Draper is the series' protagonist, and more storylines focus on him than on other characters.

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