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This past summer, for example, they conducted surveys with hundreds of Japanese and American female participants aged 19-44 regarding their personal experiences with love.And while many of their findings showed that—just like comedy—romantic thrills are generally universal, Voltage did find some key and intriguing cultural differences between the two.With 26 million users worldwide playing their sixty (and counting) romance apps, Voltage Inc.

Meanwhile, ‘Challenge’ refers to all the challenges one faces in life.” But while you spend a little time building relationships with co-workers and/or friends in these games, the heart of Voltage stories is—or course—fulfilling female fantasies with everything from beefcakes to artsty types.Guest Apr 21, first of all this game is too damn hard but overall it was ok. Guest Oct 12, actually i understand his boredom, someone should make childsafe games, or i could just be trolling, you decide. Dec 04, Game: Final Fantasy Sim Date has a rating of 3. Talk with several elf girls, in order to get a date and win their hearts.What does it take to impress an elf girl, charm, strength, perseverence? Can you catch a hot date or are you going to be playing with yourself all night?

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    Those who started dating early reported twice as many acts of delinquent behavior, such as lying, cheating, picking fights, truancy, running away, unsafe sexual activity, and alcohol use.

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