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Judging from the notes, I expected it to be more in the realm of Givenchy Pi, but that isn't the case at all. it is not typical sweet of perfume, the composition are good and balance, the syrupy sweetness really slapping my face and cut my breathing because it is so harsh and strong in the opening, but it is easy to fade after 20 minutes, then the sweetness took over the juice to the end, woody and leathery are nice because it is not too heavy, definitely for youthful easy modern perfume for everyday use, i started love this perfume since it was purchased, wear it a lot on work and at night L'homme ideal is sweet syrupy and with the trademark almond, leather and citrus top notes.

The leather in this scent is similar to the leather in Ferrari Leather Essence, which isn't a bad thing at all, but it doesn't stand out as being obviously leather. Very inexpensive these days, bottles for under as can be seen from all the links above.

This fragrance is intense and performance is a beast. It is very powdery and creamy, the sweetness is overwhelming to me.

The almond is excessive which reminds me of a French dessert from Provence. Don't get me wrong, the originality is definitely present but it's just not my cup of tea.

Pretty hard to sit next to for more than 10 minutes.

I see it has it's fans, but unfortunately I'm not one of them :/ I like my Guerlain masculines grand and stylish, with a bit of old-school swagger (Habit Rouge, L'Instant Homme, Heritage, etc.) Still, if you're made out of pure golden confidence and charm, you MIGHT be able to pull this off. This was a blind buy following the Fragrantica reviews and let me way too disappointed.

The rosemary actually helps to ratchet up the scent and perk up the sweeter elements.If I didn't already own a bottle of Pure Havane and I were choosing between the two, I'd be more likely to choose this scent instead, as the quality (depth) is just plain better, regardless of performance. The eau de parfum and eau de cologne are more interesting.The eau de cologne especially I feel I could wear anywhere, any time.It's still sufficiently sweet that I consider it a gourmand fragrance, but it does seem to have a lot of peppery zip on the opening, well beyond what I'd expect.It may be a bit of a boozy contribution from either the almond or tonka notes (perhaps this blend uses an uncommonly concentrated version of one or both of them?

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