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You can easily de-register computers from the Settings menu in the Signal app, keeping you in control of which machines can access your account. The Inbox shows your recent messages, both read and unread. To start a new chat, tap the button to the upper right.

In its help article about the Android permissions, Facebook also says the way permissions are described is controlled by Google, even though they don’t “necessarily reflect the way the Messenger app and other apps use them”: By contrast, Apple takes a much more granular approach to permissions for i OS apps.

Apple’s mobile apps don’t ask for permissions up front all at once, but rather when a user seeks to use a feature for the first time.

Among the permissions the app requires are several that have given users reason to complain – when you install the Android app, you have to grant access to your device’s contacts, microphone, stored photos, videos, SMS messages, location, and more.

In a help article on Facebook.com, the company explains why some of these permissions are needed, noting for example that accessing the device’s microphone and camera is necessary for sending video messages.

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