Hebe aaron dating marc blucas and katie holmes dating

Aaron Yan is a member of boy band Fahrenheit and made his first trip to Australia to perform for his fans. This bodes well, for a concert isn’t a concert without a sea of light, and this concert for Taiwanese pop trio S. The audience were treated to a fine performance from both S. E & Aaron Yan as both sang a collection of their hits and had the audience wanting more.

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While fans are still rooting for JJ Lin and Hebe Tien to be an item, rumours are saying that JJ is dating Taiwanese actress, Jean Kao. Jean also reportedly attended JJ’s world concert in Hangzhou, China and appeared at his post-concert celebration.

Meanwhile, JJ was suspected to be two-timing after he was photographed with a “sexy girl with shapely legs” on a gathering with Da Mouth’s Harry Chang.

The girl reportedly took a separate taxi to JJ’s house after that to avoid suspicions.

Other figures in the scene (see other image) include Athena, Hera and Zeus.

This image is a montage of several photos of the vase.

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