Guilt about dating

But I am responsible for my own actions, so none of these can be blamed for what I did.We have just found out we are expecting a baby which has heightened my guilt.The whole message of Jesus hinges on forgiveness and your genuine repentance is the key.So take some deep breaths (I always advise this, but we do need to stop and calm ourselves and deep breathing is the start) and focus on your baby.Her punishment is truly terrible and lasts a lifetime.Do we still believe in sin and punishment in the same way?He tells her she is beautiful, that he will be at a certain place up on the mountain at 3pm on Sundays.Driven by something she doesn't understand, Roseanne goes to meet him.

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I would wish you that comfort, Melanie, because I am moved by the anguish in a letter which I believe is written by a good woman - who made one bad mistake and is profoundly sorry, but deserves happiness as much as any one of us.

This is the first (and maybe the last) time I have told anyone my secret.

I can't even tell my oldest closest friends, or my GP, as I am so ashamed of what I did.

I scan us both for symptoms of cancer or heart disease and other equally distressing diseases.

I am on edge after every test I've had during the pregnancy so far, thinking they will say there's something wrong with me or the baby. I can cope with the horrendous feelings this anxiety gives me, but what is it doing to the baby?

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