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It is only the answer if you never change the header text in the gridview.

The asker of the question wanted to get the database field name by index.

Alternatively, you can provide your complete project. In addition, I have noticed that you are using the Country string value to synchronize two database tables.

Am i really supposed to write all this code for every combobox that has lookup tables values? It seems that your SQL Server (700) is newer than mine (663), so I cannot use your database.When a Gridview row is in edit, I need to default an empty textbox to today's date. The date is defaulted into the textbox but when the gridview row is saved, the date no longer appears.I am close, but the defaulted date is not displayed after the gridview row is saved. And the defaulted date is not saved to the database.However, I have created an in-memory datasource based on your data.I am afraid my attempts to reproduce the issue have been unsuccessful.

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