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), at least up to the second paragraph before it demanded you pay a monthly subscription fee.More often than not you merely learned two facts about something at a time then walked away.And being a rampant commodity, there’s no shortage of impulsive clicking on each of the 18,000 ads that show up in any given site.That’s not to mention the ol’ industry-favorite pop-up ad. Effort and chivalrous convention don’t apply to the present young generation.Steaming websites like Hulu do the industry a solid by inserting commercials into the videos they stream, while still clipping off the price tag.Cable providers, themselves, even allow cable subscribers to watch programming online, another incentive to carry the service in-home.

After all, if you like someone, and want to get to know them, who needs the white table cloths and fancy attire to do so.It both alleviates and requires work, depending on who is kneeling before it, and with so many under its dominion, there’s no use in defiance.The key word that applies so often to the internet is “free.” How can money be made on free goods? With it has come the life and death of many an industry, and plenty of joy and suffering in between.While the casual user sees nothing but vibrant green grass and limitless potential, the Stone-Age dwellers and businesses of yesteryear curse it’s very existence on a daily basis.

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