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Given the continued budget challenges facing all of Scotland’s local authorities and health boards: 1.8 The answer to these questions will inevitably vary by provider and user alike.

However, do Trustees now need to be considering less comfortable, more radical options in their financial planning process and do they have adequately developed and truly viable plan Bs up their sleeve should they have to cope with all the factors outlined above turning against them?

Medical questions We're sorry, but our advisers can't help with clinical or symptomatic questions through webchat.

By 2030 the total population is projected to increase by 5%, the 75 cohort will grow by more than 40% and those 85 will increase by almost 60% (see Table 1).Confidentiality Any information you share with us will be held in confidence and will not be passed to any third parties. If English is not your first language, we use a translation service called Language Line which can provide someone to translate between you and the helpline staff member, to support callers who cannot - or prefer not to - speak English.Language Line is private, confidential and free to use.If the total funding available from the public purse remains constrained, this suggests charity Trustees and Directors will increasingly need to assess their operating models to ensure costs remain affordable; which may include handing back or existing some or all of their services.1.7 Against this financial and demographic background, it is obvious that social care service providers will have to increase incomes, reduce non-wage costs or reduce service levels (eg, quality) to remain financial viable.

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