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Contractor DOES NOT guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site.Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any construction or remodeling task! Engineered is more eco friendly, can be installed over more various subsrates and is more forgiving.dunno Sorry that i kinda went off tangent, but the question of nail down vs flaoting is simple .Floating is a cheaper product(normaly) andhardwood is the real thing.Written by Trish I was in a deep sleep from a remedy I was taking to address the core fear that had resulted from my trauma a week prior.Suddenly I was awoken by a loud humming that sounded unnatural.I have resanded many floors near and over the 100 year mark.They also add more value to your house than a prefished, engineered or laminate.

Being in the trade i would say if you can go solid because its wood and can be fix/sanded/refinished but the final call can depend alot on application and and short or long term plans.

All of our systems are engineered and manufactured inhouse at the one and only Dockina Box® location.

Our lightweight floating and fixed docks offer superior strength and are as aesthetically pleasing as they are highly durable!

The warranty doesn't mean much to them it is usaully contested. I truely wonder how many people actualy believe what they say. Floordude does have some good, on the money advice. If there are salespeople who beat and hit prefinished floors and sell to clients, then that is their screwed up problem. It is kinda a pain, where doorways are invloved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not saying the product is bad, but is commonly not installed correctly or the application is wrong. Let's get a few facts straight so there is no confusion. it could be installed that way, but it would be installed the incorrect way. it costs more to manufacture as the Dude mentioned. trying to convince a prefinished is super tough is stupid. I know, from all the reading and actually seeing what a solid can and will do, the thought of floating a solid would not fly.

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