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UPTOWN FARMERS MARKET, PHOENIX “[Uptown Farmers Market] is a new market that just started [in 2014].

It’s already amazing, and it’s only going to grow.” —Chef Charleen Badman, Fn B, Scottsdale, AZ Badman notes that in addition to a great array of produce and prepared goods produced entirely in-state, the market uses local high school culinary students to clean, peel, and chop fresh produce for shoppers on request.

HALEIWA FARMERS MARKET, HALEIWA “Most of the farmers on the island of Oahu are out on that side of the island, so [the Haleiwa Farmers Market] really gets a good farmer turnout.

It’s a really tight-knit beach community, so it’s a place where you can always find friends, family, and good food.” —Chef Ed Kenney, Town, Honolulu, HI Don’t miss: The experience as a whole.

Buttery avocado is the base for a guacamole that's flecked with jalapeño.

Alfalfa sprouts, which are prized for their bright taste and springy, crisp texture, add crunch.

Freeze fresh peaches from Pearson Farm on a parchment-lined pan, and drop a few into your drink for a frosty garnish.LITCHFIELD HILLS FARM-FRESH MARKET, LITCHFIELD “[Litchfield Hills Farm-Fresh Market] is my go-to market. And the farmers who sell here don't have huge production, but they have really good quality produce.The berries are fantastic—blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries, white, red, and black currants.Don’t miss: Apples, including varieties such as Jonathan, Jonagold, and Arkansas Black SANTA MONICA FARMERS MARKET, SANTA MONICA “The Wednesday [Downtown Santa Monica Farmers Market] is my link to the freshest and most delicious locally grown fruits and vegetables.I’ve met and collaborated with so many farmers over the years—many of whom have come to feel like family.” —Chef Suzanne Goin, Lucques, Los Angeles, CA Don’t miss: Fresh produce from Schaner Farms This Southern California special blends the region's produce-forward approach with Latin flair on a lean sirloin patty.

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