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Wo boli chai pioge beta maine bola theek hai aunty.Jab wo kitchen ki taraf ja rahi thi wow unki ass kya mast thi yaar so big ass mai jaldi se utha aur unke piche kitchen me gus gaya wo mujhe dekh te hi boli arre kya hua maine bola aunty mujhe hand wash karna hai unhone kaha washroom left me hai.Mai washroom me gaya aur dekha wahan pe aunty ki bra or panty tangi hui thi Maine panty utha ke usko smell kiya aur masturbate karne laga 10 min baad aunty ki awaj ayi beta chai ban gayi hai.Mai jaldi jaldi me aunty ki panty lower ki pocket me rakh hand wash karke bahar agaya 2 min baad anuty bhi washroom gayi.Could you share what you have already for the other letters.

Finally the day came and she called me unhone mujhe apne floor pe awaaj lagyi or boli beta meri room ki tube light nahi jal rahi hai please ek baar check kar do.I saw this unfold so many times, in every setting imaginable. Once the orgasm past, her hand continued to race back and forth across her clit. Groups of people flocked to her, laughing as she told one vulgar story after another. To everyone else she was an immeasurable force, but to me I saw her as fragile; ready to break. It scared me that I saw things in here that others couldn’t see. I've done the tying up, and the choking, and the slapping. It was the kind of place where drunk people played pool on quarter operated tables. Either I was much smarter than Beth, or she had sucked me in, showed me exactly what she wanted me to see, and now had me charted, categorized, and processed. Beth being a proper whore appreciated that in me, but she was the one who drove the car, if you know what I mean? It was the kind of place where the bartender was ten years clean from an opiates addiction but still kept in contact with all his shady connections.

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