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It was not a kid friendly party and my nieces and nephews were all going to my sister’s house who had a sitter arranged for that purpose. I was getting dressed with only 45 minutes to spare before dinner when his mother barged into my hotel room and said “we’ve got a problem!

Evin’s nieces and nephews were supposed to go there as well, and I had given Evin’s sister all the information she needed. ” She went on to explain that Evin’s niece and nephew didn’t have anywhere to go if they weren’t invited to the dinner and she wanted to know “what I was going to do about it.” I wasn’t about to deal with a babysitter problem! As I was explaining that I had made arrangements, his mom spotted the adjoining room door that opened into another hotel room.

I told him it was fine but that he should go directly to the restaurant or he was not going to make it time. As soon as it was clear Evin and I were done with our conversation, his mother grabbed the phone from me and proceeded to counter exactly what I wanted Evin to do, by telling him to stop at the hotel to pick her up on his way to the restaurant.

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Worst was the conversation she had with my mother’s sister was a sweet 75 year old lady.She asked him to do all sorts of tasks for her: purchase airline tickets online, make hotel reservations or help her sell things on ebay. I thought it was strange and tried to tell him that I didn’t think all those calls were normal, but I let it go. One day Evin told me that his mom fell down and broke her leg. However, he didn’t because we had vacation plans to fly out and see my sister. We were about to find out just how much hell he was going to pay for being with me instead of her.Upon our return we learned that she needed surgery on her leg.My mother had died three years previous, so my aunt was the closest thing I had to a mother. This is the brief conversation between Evin’s mom and my aunt after introducing themselves: Aunt: I am so happy my niece found someone she loves, and of course Evin is very lucky because he’s got our girl and she’s just a peach.. MIL-to-be: Yeah, well, he’s going to have to put up with her shit and she’s going to have to put up with his.Clearly there was no end to the gloom and negativity his mother wanted to inflict on our night.

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