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All spiced up with liberal doses of hysteria and tears, of course, followed by a miraculous recovery in time for next week.

I am proud to say I was able to deal with my real-life health crisis calmly and rationally.

He then explained that during pregnancy the cradle of ligaments which holds your womb in place stretch out as the womb expands.

After the birth they should contract back into place, but sometimes that doesn't happen.

I found it harder to cope with if I was tired, but the main worry was that it was simply not getting any better.

Six months after Bea was born, I realised that things internally weren't going back to how they were and that I was going to have to do something about it.

It was the start of a very physically uncomfortable year.

The theory was that I might as well get on with it because if I already had one in nappies I might as well have two!Bea weighed just over 8lb when she was born in March 1998 in the same hospital in Bristol.It was a slightly shorter labour, about 17 hours, but this time I got a really nasty tear during the birth.In November 1996, I went into labour and to St Michael's Hospital, Bristol.It was a long labour - two days - but, with the help of an epidural and some gas and air pain relief, I pushed Cameron out naturally.

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    More information and a version of the guide are available at Cutting Data are drawn from several federally funded collections, including the National Crime Victimization Survey, Youth Risk Behavior Survey, School Survey on Crime and Safety, and the Schools and Staffing Survey.

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    A while back i got asked by Packt to do a review on the book “Processing XML Documents with JDeveloper 11g”.

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