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"Frances Welch plots this tragicomic mess of self-deception with the humour and sympathy of her delightful first book, The Romanovs and Mr Gibbes.

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Perhaps everyone looked changed after the Revolution.

This is the strange tale of a Polish peasant girl who for 64 years insisted that she was the Grand Duchess Anastasia, the youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia.

The facts did not bode well for her claim: she did not look so very like Anastasia, spoke no Russian and did not recognise key members of the imperial household.

Police are embarking on the sixth day of a massive operation in Ekaterinburg, involving hundreds of officers, hunting the two men who allegedly kidnapped the girl in a city suburb and live-streamed themselves raping her for hours.

The girl was then driven to a flat and carried into a flat inside a zip-up bag like the one in the picture.

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