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” Looking straight down the lens, he reminds the band member that AKB members are forbidden from dating, before berating her for her back-stabbing conduct in attending the dating party. You say ‘I’m different; I don’t do that kind of thing.Follow me around all day- you’ll never see me doing anything bad like that! “He is just in his feelings about how close they have been getting but at the same time he (Travis Scott) and Ri Ri were not in a serious relationship, he is more like a friend zone guy that got lucky,” sources said.

Nice girls don't speak out or stand up for themselves. In my work as a political writer and speaker, I've learned that the privileges I was born with mean I can "get away with" being angrier in public than other women I know.

One of the questions I am asked most often, when I give talks about my books on gender and politics, is about anger.

Young women ask me how I get away with expressing anger with such apparent ease, and they worry about men’s reactions if they do the same.

Seems someone didn’t like what they saw in “Work” music video.

Our ever so reliable sources told us that Travis Scott is definitely angry about how close Rihanna and Drake have been getting.

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