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What jobs in the private sector can I find after obtaining a Ph. It's not a lot of money, but it is good enough for the bare necessities. You may either leave your plans to pursue your own research, and find a research job that leads to a reasonable career, or you may decide not to ever give up, and end up spending countless years in poorly paid jobs until you finally get that coveted semi-permanent scientist position. What is my thesis advisor hiding about my job prospects? How likely is it for a postdoc to get a permanent research job? And besides, these days, universities will generously pay for your education the entire* time. The jobs in the government labs may not be suitable for what you want to do, so you will be left with many hard choices.I am in the third year of my program (first 2 years were for masters) and I have begun to realize that the research life is not for me.

Cheers to all of you business and communications majors : D Get the Ph D in physics.Even though I have accomplished next-to-nothing in my research topic, it would probably be better to quit now than to wait 2-3 years.I am thinking of applying for teaching licensure programs to become a high school physics teacher.She has been at my school only as long as I have so I am one of here first 4 students.Being an optimistic assistant professor with hopes of tenure (and success for her students), I don't know how she would take it if one of her students left this early on.

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