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The Minister has invited interested parties to make submissions on this Working Group Report.

This process gives individuals and groups an opportunity to contribute to the development of firearms policy and legislation and will enable the Minister to consider the future direction of such legislation.

These criminals are most active between the hours of dusk and dawn, if you suspect deer poaching is taking place, never approach, take note of all relevant details including vehicle registration and contact your local Garda station immediately.

For further tips on what to do if you suspect deer poaching click here to view our Shine a light on Poaching campaign poster.

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WDAI have actively supported Gardaí in highlighting and combating this crime through its national membership.This has to be seen against the background that An Garda Síochána is largely an unarmed police force.” The main recommendations in the report are: o That the licensing of handguns be confined to specified Olympic handguns o That the licensing of centre-fire semi-automatic rifles be prohibited o That the licensing of semi-automatic shotguns with a capacity of greater than three cartridges be prohibited o That the grounds for disentitlement to hold firearms be expanded to include persons convicted of certain additional offences o That the grounds for an appeal to the District Court against a refusal to grant a firearms certificate be extended o That the reloading of ammunition be permitted in a controlled manner.The Minister added: “Mass shootings have happened in other jurisdictions over the past number of years with tragic consequences.The meeting takes place on We received the following Garda statement as part of the ongoing “Operation Bambi” targeting deer poaching.Issue Date: 10/12/2014 Craig O’Neill, 4 Carrig Rua, Tullow Road, Carlow appeared in custody at Carlow District Court today 10th December 2014 where he faced 19 charges relating to various offences under the Wildlife Act 1976/2000 and associated matters under the Firearms Act.

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