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By the end of 1900, 138 licensed and admitted insurance companies of all types operated in Texas and premium income on Texas companies reached almost million.

In subsequent years, the commissioner's authority continued to be revised by the Legislature.

Two years earlier, the state had made its first effort to regulate the insurance business in Texas.

The state's economy and population were growing, and wildcat insurance schemes were common.

Return to Index The 40th Legislature in 1927 passed an act creating the Board of Insurance Commissioners.

The insurance industry in Texas also was rocked by insolvency scandals in the 1950's.The recorded history of insurance law in Texas and the predecessors of the Texas Department of Insurance date back to 1876 – the year Mark Twain published "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" and Colorado became the 38th state.The constitution of Texas adopted that year authorized the Legislature to create the office of Insurance Commissioner when it deemed it necessary.The 14th Legislature in 1874 passed a law regulating the life and health insurance business in the areas of company formation, activities and coverage.The Legislature also gave the State Comptroller of Public Accounts supervisory authority over insurance – one of many duties imposed on him by statute.

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